Wedding Planner

You've played the dating game and finally found the person you want to marry. Now, it's time to get to work. Planning the wedding can be stressful, so we've created a quick guide to help make your wedding planning easier.

Keep in mind that the most important part of your wedding day will be your temple ceremony. The reception is a great way to celebrate with family and friends but we recommend keeping it simple. Elder Cree-L Kofford offers this important counsel:

Plan the activities of the temple day such that they focus on the spiritual. I realize that is extremely hard to do when you're talking about being sealed. There are many times when people come from out of town who want to express their best wishes. Sometimes there is a meal; usually there is a reception. All too often you are so exhausted you are unable to comprehend the significance of what you have experienced. Frequently you become so caught up in the things of the world that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to fully appreciate the things of God. Realizing that sometimes it simply can't be done, do everything you can to move as many social commitments off that day as possible. Often we cheat ourselves out of the greatest spiritual experiences of our lifetime by being too wrapped up in the temporal things.

Remember that your wedding day is not a social experience with a tinge of the spiritual, but rather it is a spiritual experience with a tinge of the social.

President Spencer W. Kimball said about receptions:

I know you plan a reception following the marriage. It offers a delightful opportunity for relatives and friends to bring gifts and wish you well, but I hope you will again avoid the temptation to go to extremes in following the world in showy pageantry. There is danger that the ostentatious display may detract from and overshadow the simple wedding. With your good judgement and clear thinking, I know you can graciously entertain your guests in a wholesome, friendly, and dignified reception without the excesses so often in evidence.

The following checklists are ordered according to priorities.

Priority #1:

  • Set a Temple Date
    • Call Temple and Schedule a Time
    • If you do not have endowments, you will need to schedule an appointment
  • Set a Reception Date
    • Determine Your Budget
      • How much will the bride's parents contribute?
      • How much will the groom's parents contribute?
      • How much will you contribute?
    • Decide the style of your reception (formal, semiformal, informal)
    • Reserve a place for the reception

Priority #2:

  • Choose Attendants
    • Decide on number of attendants
    • Select the Maid of Honor and the Best Man
  • Write a Guest List
    • Temple Ceremony
    • Reception
    • Wedding Luncheon
  • Shop for Wedding Gown and Coordinating Accessories
    • Be sure the dress is Temple Ready or can be altered to be so
    • For specific Temple Dress Guidelines contact the Temple or click here
  • Shop for Invitations
    • Decide on the wording
    • Decide on how many you need to order
  • Select Photographer
  • Take Engagement Pictures

Priority #3:

  • Plan Reception
  • Select Dresses for Bridesmaids
  • Make arrangements for Wedding Luncheon if on is planned
  • Make and appointment for a premarital checkup with OBGYN
  • Order invitations and Thank You Cards
  • Have Wedding Gown altered
  • Arrange Honeymoon Plans

Priority #4:

  • Select Wedding Bands
  • Arrange Transporation
  • Mail Invitations
  • Locate a Place to Live
    • Make Deposit
    • Arrange Utilities with Coordinating Companies
  • Make Accomodations for Traveling Guests
  • Register for Gifts
  • Get Final Fitting for Wedding Gown
  • Take Bridal Portraits
  • Order Tuxedos

Priority #5:

  • Get Marriage License
  • Make Hair Appointment
  • Purchase Gifts for Attendants
  • Purchase All Accessories for Reception
  • Confirm All Reservations
  • Get Temple Recommends and Recommends for Living Ordinances
  • Purchase Garments
  • Receive Endowments

Day Before the Wedding:

  • Get Manicure/Pedicure
  • Iron your Wedding Gown
  • Pack for Honeymoon
  • Go to Bed Early

Wedding Day:

  • Eat Breakfast
  • Get Hair Done
  • Take to Temple:
    • Marriage License
    • Temple Recommends
    • Recommends for Living Ordinances
    • Rings
    • Wedding Gown
    • Garments (if this is first time to temple)
    • Personal Accessories (Make up, hose, etc.)

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