Marriage Preparation 101

The Profound Nature of Marriage - Douglas E. Brinley

The day will come when you will marry in the temple for eternity. You will unite your soul with that of another for a duration that is beyond your comprehension now. That makes it the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION of your mortal life.

Somewhere on this earth lives a live, breathing, person, who is preparing for the day when the two of you will meet. This is not to say that there is a "one and only," but there is "only one." Wouldn't it be interesting to know where that person is right now and what they are doing? What their dreams and aspirations are? What are they hoping to find in you? How would you like them to make the same important decisions of their life that you are now making? How would they feel about the decisions you are making?

Neither one of you would be unfaithful AFTER marriage, so why not begin now to live the covenants you will make together in the temple! That preparation includes the movies you watch, how you spend your time, the type of friends you entertain, your television habits, even the thoughts you think and the words you speak (see Alma 12:14.)

What decision in life could be more profound than finding that soul with whom you will make a lasting commitment? You are looking for a confidante, a lover, a parent for your children, a person with whom you will share the joys and sorrows of life. You will age together and face death and eternity as the life cycle carries you inexorably onward, toward that eternal frontier.

You honor your own parents, and now you must also honor the parents of your FUTURE CHILDREN who are entitled to the best that you, and the one you are searching for, can possibly be. How you behave now will set the tone for your own future happiness with this person who is, at this very moment, perhaps dreaming of the spouse you will someday be for them!

2005 Before Forever - School of Family Life

Brigham Young University